Boiled Chicken, All Grown Up

In the early days of Dinner with David, I spent a fair number of nights boiling chicken to make enough shredded, juicy meat for several dinners. Nutritious and satisfying, it was about as exciting as, well, boiled chicken. So, with a generous bunch of green onions in the fridge, and inspiration from Pinterest, I took … Continue reading Boiled Chicken, All Grown Up


If blogging about boiled chicken makes me sound like a broken record, tonight I put a new spin on it. After boiling the whole chicken for over an hour, I removed it from the boiling broth, pulled the meat from the bone with forks and added the pieces back into the broth (minus bones). Then I added chopped … Continue reading Chickenlightenment

Getting My Chicken in a Row

This week was incredibly busy, so boiling chicken saved me from dinnertime meltdown. Using advice from a friend, I added honey, salt and pepper to the water and went ahead and boiled it for over an hour. If you have this kind of time frame, the meat will literally fall off the bone. Here’s what … Continue reading Getting My Chicken in a Row

Chicken Dinners for Days

Boiled chicken is not sexy, but it is healthy. I survey the talented women in my family about the best way to boil chicken. Basically, put a whole chicken (i.e. Foster Farms with guts removed) in a pot of boiling water with onions, herbs, or carrots and celery, and cook for at least an hour. … Continue reading Chicken Dinners for Days

Oh, the Shame

Bless me, for I have sinned. It’s been nearly a month since I last posted. Confessions aside, two of the weeks when I wasn’t blogging, I was tasting my way through some of NYC’s most indulgent street food – well maybe not quite off the street – but casual fare that was born in the Big Apple … Continue reading Oh, the Shame

Veggies & Pasta

Night 1: boiled spaghetti in low sodium chicken broth; added spinach towards the end. Meanwhile, sautéed sliced zucchini in olive oil. Served zucchini over pasta with Parmesan. Night 2: sautéed broccolini and bok Choy (cut into 1-2 inch slices) in olive oil; covered and steamed until slightly tender. Added soy sauce and leftover noodles from … Continue reading Veggies & Pasta

Case of the Mondays

Easy soup from scratch – I boiled leftover (frozen) chicken broth from all those nights of boiling chicken. To the simmering broth I added white beans from the can, chopped onions, Parmesan, and fresh basil. David suggested adding scrambled eggs and we poured the combo over white rice. Call it recession recipe, or simply a … Continue reading Case of the Mondays

Random Bursts of Creativity

This week was a busy one, no surprise, so I had to be a little creative with dinner. Here’s what I came up with in a flash: Monday night: Sauteed mushrooms + fresh, chopped basil + pappardelle + olive oil + fresh parmesan = photogenic, fresh and healthy pasta (too bad I didn’t snap a pic!) Tuesday … Continue reading Random Bursts of Creativity