Austin’s Green Sauce

Austin is probably the healthiest person I know. He regularly blends kale and other fruits and veggies into meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Time to quiz Austin on the secret behind his zesty “green sauce” recipe, which involves kale (or spinach), lemons, and curry among other things:


In a blender, combine one whole tomato, a “huge ass” bunch of fresh basil (Austin recommends Whole Foods), juice of six lemons, a few seconds worth of olive oil from a bottle (half to 1/3 cup), a lot of sea salt (1/2 to 1 tablespoon), to taste, then two bunches of kale (leaves removed) or four pre-washed bags of spinach if kale is not available, and a “little kick” of cayenne pepper.


To cook quinoa, bring a three-to-one ratio of water to quinoa to a boil, with curry, sea salt, and fresh garlic. Plus, if you have tomato, sweet potato, or edamame on hand – throw it in too! It takes a total of about 30 minutes.


As a shortcut, use fresh-squeezed lemon juice in place of lemons.

The finished product will serve 6-8 people, or provides enough dinner for four nights. Now that’s what I call sustainability!


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