Cleaning out the Fridge

Desperate times call for desperate measures. In the midst of a move, the last thing you want to do is buy more stuff to pack – including groceries. So I had to get a little creative and make sure to use fresh ingredients before they expired…

First “cleaning out the fridge” concept:

Caprese Chicken Breasts – I broiled frozen (nearly thawed) chicken breasts in the oven, and then topped them with a spoonful of ricotta, fresh basil and tomato slices. Rice served on the side was a nice way to scoop up the oozing cheese and basil.


Next concept for “we’ve moved but don’t have any groceries yet:”

Turkey Meatballs with Roasted Squash – I combined ground turkey with bread crumbs, fresh parmesan, salt and pepper. I roasted the meatballs in the oven along with sliced summer squash that had been coated in olive oil and sprinkled with thyme. Despite my foil “barrier,” the juices from the squash may have added a nice dose of moisture to the meatballs. Either way, the results were quite tasty served with rice. Thyme was one of the first herbs I learned to cook with, and it’s a key ingredient in herbes de provence. For those two reasons, it’s nostalgic and quite pleasing to the senses.


Last but not least, the “I need to use this milk before it expires” concept:

Milk-Braised Pork Tenderloin – After searching far and wide, I found a recipe on my iPad for “Pork Roast Braised with Milk and Fresh Herbs” from Epicurious, but took a few creative liberties. I used a pork tenderloin, which cooked in about half the time. Also, I used 1% milk, and I didn’t have juniper berries or any of the herbs, except for bay leaves. Even with all the shortcomings, it turned out delicious! I can’t really put my finger on the flavor of the meat and “gravy” but it was a little sweet, slightly caramelized and rich in a good way. I think this particular recipe beats out the first one I tried last year.


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Where oh where have I been for the last few weeks? Confession: I’ve been Foodspotting. It’s like Yelp for foodies. And if you’re a social media/foodie/geek like me, you already take pictures of your meals anyway so it’s a natural progression.

Here’s a quick collage of this summer’s Foodspotting adventures in the Bay Area, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara and beyond, and you can follow my bread crumbs by going to

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Pulled Pork Enchiladas

One pork tenderloin turned into two great dinners and leftovers for three nights, with the help of @everydayfood and @epicurious. Here’s how it went down.

Monday night I made pulled pork on the stove, using an adapted recipe from Everyday Food, “Lighter Pulled Pork Sandwiches.” I skipped the coleslaw and served the pork on sourdough sandwich rolls.  I served corn on the side. Tuesday night I had leftovers.


Tonight I made enchiladas with the leftover pulled pork, corn and a new sauce taken from Epicurious’ “Garden Vegetable Enchiladas.” I used 1% instead of whole milk, and only 1 tablespoon of chili powder. (The recipe called for 3, wow!)


Everyone loved the new enchiladas, but we’ll always hold a special place in our hearts for Birthday Enchiladas.

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