Wok + Wine with FoodSpotting

I had the pleasure of gorging on shrimp at FoodSpotting’s Wok + Wine event last week. Part networking, part slurping, sucking and biting – it was a delightful way to change up the weeknight routine and rub shoulders with some fellow FoodSpotting geeks.

Here’s proof in a photo of me slurping and/or looking for splatters on my silk shirt. (Not the best thing to wear, but alas.)

Credit: Woknwine.com

Check out this neat time lapse video – and keep your eyes peeled for the short blond ponytail rotating around the room. That’s me. 😉


Where oh where have I been for the last few weeks? Confession: I’ve been Foodspotting. It’s like Yelp for foodies. And if you’re a social media/foodie/geek like me, you already take pictures of your meals anyway so it’s a natural progression.

Here’s a quick collage of this summer’s Foodspotting adventures in the Bay Area, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara and beyond, and you can follow my bread crumbs by going to http://foodspotting.com/dinnerwithdavid.

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