Most Memorable Dining Experiences of 2012

How apropos that this is my 200th post. We’ve come a long way baby! Here’s what my taste buds remember from the past year…

Pigging out at Hog & Rocks, Atlas Cafe, Stable and Salumeria in the Mission

Ham Tasting Plate @ Hog & Rocks

Mortadella Sandwich @ Salumeria

Fig Goat Cheese Panini @ Stable Cafe

The food trucks and general deliciousness at SXSW


Hanging out in Alice Waters’ craftsman, aka Chez Panisse


Avocado And Beet Salad @ Chez Panisse

Life-changing popovers, lobster and last call for California foie gras at Wayfare Tavern

Chilled Maine Lobster @ wayfare tavern

Breakfast, lunch and after-dinner coffee and madeleines on the beach at Baoase in Curacao



Looking forward to seeing what lands on my plate in 2013! What were your most memorable meals of the year?

Goat Cheese Pizza

Why should mozzarella have all the fun? After watching my Christmas hosts make pizza at home, David was determined to try it in our kitchen. I was equally determined to find a shreddable goat cheese.


Trader Joe’s is where we got the goods. You can pick up the dough, bell peppers, olives, sausage, mushrooms, and marinara sauce for less than the price of delivery. And I found Goat’s Milk Cheddar Cheese, which turned out to be a perfect substitute for mozzarella.

The only tricky part is cooking the pizza long enough to make sure the dough is cooked through. Ours took twice as long as the package suggested, which meant crispier toppings than we would have liked. I’d recommend reducing the heat slightly to help cook evenly.