My Week in Food

Super Bowl Schtick: Green Bay on a Stick

Turkey Meatloaf with Shredded Apple & Garlic; “Barefoot in Paris” Herbed New Potatoes

Corn Chowder from Plaza Deli Cafe

Chicken Caprese Panini at the new Computer History Museum cafe
Chicken Caprese Panini @ Computer History Museum

Bobo at Zog’s Dogs in San Francisco
The Bobo @ Zog's Dogs

And finally, unphotographed but equally delicious: Ensalada Tostada at Reposados in Palo Alto

Bon Appetit!

Dinner with Dad

On Monday night I had a weeknight houseguest: my dad, in town for business. Since he loves Italian food, and the only form of pasta in my cupboard was lasagna noodles, I made a recipe for cheeseless lasagna (was also low on cheese).

Unfortunately I don’t have the link to the recipe anymore, but you basically brown the meat, simmer it in tomato sauce with spices, pre-soak the noodles, and then layer the mixture in a 9×13 dish, top generously with Parmesan, and bake for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Delicious and guilt-free!