Down with O.P.K?

I’m down with OPK= Other People’s Kitchens. Confession; I haven’t made dinner in almost a week. So I wanted to give a shout out to some of the local kitchens that made us dinner this week…

Tuesday: In-n-Out (enough said).

Wednesday: Sushi at Akasaka in Menlo Park. I had the “Sushi Regular” which consists of a variety of nigiri. David ordered a couple of rolls, but I couldn’t snap a pic before he plowed through the first one. 🙂

Thursday: Half and half at @TiedHouse. While enjoying numerous pints, I feel a little less guilty having a spinach chicken salad and penne marinara at our favorite neighborhood watering hole.

Friday: Maldonado’s Special with white sauce (pizza on Friday? standard).

Where do you go when you can’t make it into the kitchen?

Dinner and Beer for $15

Tied House + $1 Half Pint Night = Cheap Date. Mountain View’s own resident brewery, Tied House (@tiedhouse on Twitter) recently started promoting $1 half pints on Thursdays starting at 8:00 p.m. If that’s not a good enough excuse for a night out, they also have a two-item menu for $10. So even if you’re a complete lush, you can get out the door for under $20. Not too shabby!

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