If blogging about boiled chicken makes me sound like a broken record, tonight I put a new spin on it. After boiling the whole chicken for over an hour, I removed it from the boiling broth, pulled the meat from the bone with forks and added the pieces back into the broth (minus bones). Then I added chopped onion, salt and pepper, and simmered the chicken in its broth for another 20 minutes or so.

Our burritos were extra juicy, and the stewed chicken had more flavor than usual – plus it wasn’t as dry as when it’s pulled off the bone and served immediately. (I’ll admit part of this improvisation was over my concern to cook the chicken longer – some of the pinker pieces made me nervous!)

Also, check out my new Twitter ID: @dinnerwithdavid – for those nights where I have creative spurts, but I’m too busy or tired to write up a full post. 🙂

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