Groceries Gone Wild

Safeway grocery delivery + order history = lifesaver.  Every Sunday I put together my grocery list in real-time, while shopping on from the comfort of my living room. If you don’t mind paying $10-12 for delivery charges and staying home for the delivery window, it’s totally worth the splurge. (In my opinion time is money and weekend relaxation is of the essence.)

Plus it’s nice to shop while you can check your cupboards and fridge so you don’t forget anything. Even better, Safeway stores all your shopping history in one list, so you can easily add items to your cart that you’ve purchased before. If you’re an early bird and place an order before 8:30 a.m, you can sometimes get it that evening. (I usually shoot for Monday nights between 7-9 p.m. and orders often show up right at 7:00.)

If you’d like to give it a whirl, you can get free delivery for 60 days, courtesy of my neighbors at (@MountainViewCa). Here’s the special coupon code: XEG483 ($100 minimum)

If you’re curious, here are some of my standard weekly items. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!

  • Milk
  • Soy milk
  • Tillamook cheddar
  • Fresh mozzarella
  • String cheese
  • Pre-washed spinach leaves
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes on the vine
  • Pineapple salsa
  • Santa Cruz Sourdough
  • Lean ground turkey
  • Ravioli
  • Dried apricots
  • Almonds
  • Toasted Head Chardonnay

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