Meatballs & Honey

Turkey meatballs + honey = gooey goodness. My standard recipe for turkey meatballs was missing a key ingredient this week, so rather than gambling with expired eggs I used honey for the “glue” that holds the meat and bread crumb mixture together. The results were moist meatballs with a pleasantly sweet flavor. (I didn’t overdo it – just drizzled probably 1/4 cup’s worth in the bowl.) Plus, I added dried oregano, salt and pepper.

I also credit the baking method – rather than frying in olive oil, I baked the meatballs in a pyrex dish. Healthier to boot!

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4 thoughts on “Meatballs & Honey

  1. Your turkey meatballs are now a staple in my freezer. I keep them in bags and use them in all kinds of ways during the week. I call them “Amy turkey balls.” I’ll try adding the honey.

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