Pancakes – baking powder = pancrepes. Thick pancakes have never really been my thing. But I love crepes. I stumbled upon a way to make more crepe-like pancakes: leave out the baking powder. I used this recipe for Blueberry Pancakes from Epicurious but you could use virtually any pancake recipe. Just make sure to use less batter with each pancake and keep the heat to medium-low.

Another trick, when there’s just two of you: make the whole batch and freeze the leftovers (in baggies or with wax paper between each, otherwise they will stick together).


5 thoughts on “Pancrepes

  1. Great idea! I tried making crepes from muffin batter but the baking powder made them rise in the crepe pan and very difficult to flip. šŸ™ These look scrumptious!

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