Killer Meatloaf

Turkey + Gruyere + apples + spinach = killer meatloaf, with a side of mashed potatoes.  Back in December, I thought I had made the “Best Meatloaf Ever” with manchego, apples and leeks. Well, turns out Gruyere is the secret weapon to making a killer meatloaf.

Same principles apply: ground turkey, shredded apples for moisture and a little sweetness, plus a dose of green (chopped spinach in this case). But the smoky flavor of the Gruyere leaves a memorable taste that will forever be hard to beat in meatloaf experimentation. Creamy mashed potatoes are an ideal side too – and last night I learned that a fork works better for fluffiness, than a potato masher.



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4 thoughts on “Killer Meatloaf

  1. I add applesauce to my brownies and a few other things. Never thought about meatloaf but it makes sense when you use really lean products. This looks so delicious. I’ll be making it sometime!

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