Cleaning out the fridge: Dairy-free lasagna

Traveling three weekends in a row = no groceries + creativity in the kitchen. Using the minimal (and I mean minimal – check out the photographic evidence) ingredients I had left in the fridge, freezer and/or cupboard, I came up with some pretty decent concoctions, starting with a dairy-free lasagna…

Inspired by the idea that lasagna doesn’t have to use cheese (see cheeseless lasagna), I experimented with smashed white beans, layered with leftover ground turkey, cherry tomatoes, bread crumbs, and of course no-bake lasagna noodles.

Interestingly enough, it tasted pretty good – especially the day after. With a little imagination, if you let go of your need for cheese, it ain’t bad (and tastes curiously like this cassoulet). PS – I cheated a little and sprinkled freshly shaved parmesan on top.

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