Mamas Making Moments: Haylie from Bee Bear Children’s Designs

American Made Baby Brands

Maintaining quality and family time is top priority for Haylie, while she mindfully grows her collection of Texas-sewn nursing sleeves, paci bibs, and teething necklaces.

She relies on her husband to hold down the fort while she spends one week a month at the Dallas Market sharing her wares with the world.

Haylie’s idea to create waterproof sleeves (patent-pending, in fact) and bibs sprung from the “24/7 spit up” that blanketed her clothes and house when her baby was battling acid reflux. She felt “the community needed something” and that’s grown to include special needs kids, too.

She put her degree in fashion & merchandising, along with her days as a home ec teacher to use to create “overly designed functional products” that moms will feel proud to blend with their wardrobe. In fact, the bib’s snap can hold everything from pacifiers to teethers and toys.

Haylie also enjoys tinkering…

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