Turkey burgers!

I’ve been making turkey burgers since my first post-college apartment, when I didn’t have a lot of skill, but enjoyed cooking for David (my roommate Kim and I shared her George Foreman grill for the occasion). Oh, how things have changed; but every once in a while, turkey burgers straight from the freezer are the only solution to busy weeknights when the cupboard is bare.

Since we had turkey burgers once already this week, I decided to change things up a bit for tonight. I sauteed leftover bell peppers with chopped onions (all from Capay), and kept the mixture warm while I fried the burgers in a pan and toasted the bread. Add lettuce, tomato, and whatever condiments your prefer – et voila! Couldn’t be an easier dinner. You can also saute mushrooms or any veggie, really.

Untitled Untitled

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