College Dinner Daze

College towns = loyal restaurant fans, pre-Yelp and Facebook. Dinner means different things to different people. Especially college students. This weekend I took a walk down memory lane in UCSB’s Isla Vista neighborhood. Spending time at Woodstock’s and Freebirds made all the Chico food memories come flooding back. Back then we returned to our favorite places time after time, and this was before Yelp reviews and Facebook fans!

260-Halloween 14

Here are some of my favorite Chico restaurants. Many can be found in college towns all over the state. What are you favorites?

  • Kona’s Deli – The spongy bread and paper-thin, freshly sliced deli meat still calls my name to this day. While the style may be too light for hard core Carl’s Jr. meat-on-meat types, it’s the perfect balance of delicate bread, meat, condiments and shredded lettuce. Kona’s, why can’t you be in my neighborhood now?! (Available in SLO and Chico)
  • Woodstock’s – While the sauce is a little spicy for my taste, this is a classic pizza joint where I’ve spent many a late night in Chico, Davis, and SB. Brings back memories of sisterly dinners at the Sigma Kappa house, too! (Chico, Davis, SB, Santa Cruz, SD, SLO, you name it)
  • Tres Hombres – Most birthday celebrations, reunions and dates were spent over shrimp quesadillas and mango daquiri’s at Tres Hombres in Chico. They have the best chips and salsa while you wait! (Chico and Petaluma, apparently)

Suddenly I’m hungry for a midnight dinner! Weird. 😉

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