Multigenerational Moments with Sesame Street

I sense that the comforting presence of this wholesome classic in our house is coming to an end. Cars and trucks have replaced Elmo and Cookie Monster, much to my chagrin.

I’ll mourn the cleverly named spoofs like Orange is the New Snack, House of Bricks, and The Spy Who Loved Cookies. I’ll miss seeing how gracefully Gordon and Maria have aged, and Barkley making a comeback.


Through Amazon Video or HBO Streaming you can watch episodes going all the way back more than forty seasons. I was hit by a major dose of deja vu seeing Grover dance in a disco and a little girl with pigtails and knee socks playing jacks in the Burroughs.

While I’m a little sad this chapter may be over, I’m so glad I got to share it through a second set of eyes.

Happy 5th Blog Birthday to Me

5 years ago, I was sitting in my SF apartment with David, longing to write about food again. And so, Dinner with David was born. We’ve been through a lot together! Thank you for being a part of it.


Technology has come a long way in 5 years!

A month before I started the blog, we had just purchased our very first iPhones, so the pictures in the early days were a little scary. I used a regular point-and-shoot for many meals, which required tedious uploading using a cord plugged into my laptop. The combination of iOS photo stream in the cloud, and Flickr’s iPhone app auto upload has changed everything! Not to mention Pinterest – a major source of inspiration and new readers.

I’ve cooked in 5 different kitchens in 5 years!

The size, lighting, appliances and age of my kitchens have evolved dramatically. From a tiny, modern shoe box in SF, where I didn’t even have an oven; to a Formica countered, fluorescent-lit cookie cutter apartment kitchen in Mountain View; to a larger, white-tiled 90s kitchen with wrap around counter in Santa Clara; to a lovely remodeled 80s townhouse with fancy appliances and lighting in Redwood City; to our turn-of-the-century, re-orchestrated down to every surface and fixture, midtown Sacramento kitchen that I anticipated for a whole year.

My favorite part of the whole thing – beyond having an outlet for creative self expression – is the feedback and suggestions I get from my readers. So keep ’em coming!

I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years holds in store…