Counting Down to Monte Cristo

No time to cook? Have milk, eggs, bread, deli meat, jam and cheese? I wax nostalgic (Disneyland’s Blue Bayou) and cheat my way through Monte Cristo sandwiches.

A Monte Cristo is a fancier version of French toast with a hearty center: turkey, ham or pastrami; jam, and cheese. Powdered sugar is optional.

My way is from memory and couldn’t be easier. Make batter from equal parts egg and milk. Fry enough soaked slices of bread to make two sandwiches. Meanwhile, warm the deli meat in the microwave, then serve along with melted cheese and jam between slices, et voilà!

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One thought on “Counting Down to Monte Cristo

  1. Mmmm I LOVE Monte Cristo sandwiches and didn’t realize they’re so easy. I’ll have to make one this weekend 🙂

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