Down with BLP

The prospect of a BLT without the tomato is tragic news at dinner hour. Sadly we had run out of heirlooms, so I improvised with sliced peaches. The sweet and salty contrast was tasty (and something I had experimented with in the past with a BLTAP featuring apples cooked in bacon fat and provolone). Are you down with BLP?


Bahn Mi Wannabe

The juxtaposition of savory protein and fresh greens elevates sandwiches to other worldly status in my opinion. The decadent Bahn Mi is case in point. I translated this concept for dinner two ways:

Pulled pork topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh basil, spinach, salt and pepper

Ground turkey (seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper) with cheddar and cucumbers

Counting Down to Monte Cristo

No time to cook? Have milk, eggs, bread, deli meat, jam and cheese? I wax nostalgic (Disneyland’s Blue Bayou) and cheat my way through Monte Cristo sandwiches.

A Monte Cristo is a fancier version of French toast with a hearty center: turkey, ham or pastrami; jam, and cheese. Powdered sugar is optional.

My way is from memory and couldn’t be easier. Make batter from equal parts egg and milk. Fry enough soaked slices of bread to make two sandwiches. Meanwhile, warm the deli meat in the microwave, then serve along with melted cheese and jam between slices, et voilà!

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