Meatballs By-the-Book

With groceries dwindling down to protein and grains, I wasn’t quite sure what would be on the menu tonight. We had ground turkey in the freezer, so I whipped together turkey meatballs and rice.

I first learned the formula for meatballs from Everyday Food. You basically just need ground meat, one egg or egg yolk, garlic/shallots/onion, plus some type of fresh herb (basil, thyme, oregano – could be anything, really), and salt and pepper to taste.

Fortunately, I had one last onion from Farm Fresh to You, and fresh basil growing on the patio. I combined the ground turkey (defrosted) with chopped onion and basil, salt and pepper, plus one egg to make ’em stick.

While the rice is cooking, fry the meatballs on medium heat in a saucepan with olive oil until brown on the outside and cooked through (no pink!). Serve with fresh parmesan. Pretty easy – and both David, and the dog, went crazy for ’em!

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