Keystone is for Meat Lovers

Last weekend I had the pleasure of sampling some of Keystone Resort‘s finest cuisine. The anticipation built as we rode two gondolas up 11,000 feet, not without a glass of champagne and a cookie. (The very same cookies are provided to guests at check-in.)

Untitled Untitled

Pictured above: me in hog heaven

While a variety of meat-centric dishes were on display, the dessert tent ultimately stole the show. What kind of dessert requires a special tent, you ask? Why meat-shaped dessert, of course.




Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, anyone? The magical confections above were created by Executive Chef David Scott and Executive Pastry Chef Ned Archibald.

Despite the tempting placement of the dessert tent at the entrance, we did begin our evening with more appropriate food groups.

For starters, Beano’s Cabin knocked my socks off with their “Suckling Berkshire Pig Ragout with House Made Pappardelle Pasta and Peach Preserves.” Unbelievable. You could have stopped at house made pappardelle, but every other ingredient was equally delicious.


And yes, I did make sure “Beano” had nothing to do with the over-the-counter variation (it was a merely a nickname for the owner).

Also notheworthy, “Cider and Molasses Braised Wild Boar Shoulder, Creamy Parmesan White Polenta, Forest Mushrooms and Sauce Naturel from the uber cool named Alpenglow Stube.


Brownie points for serving in style goes to The 10th for their “House Cured Pastrami, Onion Jam and Fennel Brioche” and “Spicy Rosen Lamb Chili with Anasazi Beans, Smoked Green Chilies and Local Goats Cheese.”


Vegetarian respite was provided by Sevens, with their “Roma Tomato Confit, Asparagus Tofu Custard, and Red Pepper Romesco.”


But the true chest-thumping, meat-loving, throw-caution-to-the-wind carnivores would appreciate “Duck Confit Stuffed Tenderloin of Beef, Foie Gras Torchon and Red Currant Demi Glace” from The Bighorn Steakhouse. I can hear Anthony Bourdain now, “oh yeah.”


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