Seafood: To Can or Not to Can

Since I always struggle with stocking meat and using it before the expiration date, I decided to experiment with canned seafood. The smell is pungent and not for the fish-averse. But adding shrimp or crab to a meal is incredibly easy when it’s stored in the pantry for dinner emergencies.

Breakfast can benefit too. I made baked eggs with almond milk, spinach, and canned crab meat. For the recipe, see New Year’s Resolution-Worthy Baked Eggs.


I also made a simple “fried rice” dish by sauteeing the canned shrimp in a pan and adding frozen peas towards the end, while cooking the rice separately. Mix it all together and serve. (Even better, try adding the shrimp to a Caesar salad.)


Holiday Indulgence

Crab meat + aioli + toast + muenster = decadent appetizer. I had to get this one in before David and I get healthy for the New Year! On Christmas Eve my mom had us try a super indulgent appetizer that’s rich on taste, but pretty lean on prep time.

Starting with King Crab legs, separate and rinse the crab meat. Then, mix the meat in a bowl with a small jar’s worth (approx. half a cup) of aoli. Place slices of sourdough or french bread on a cookie sheet, so that each piece is small enough for cocktail napkins (cut into smaller pieces, if necessary). Spread the meat mixture evenly on each piece of bread, then place a slice of muenster or havarti cheese on top of the meat. Broil in the oven until bubbly and golden. (Check to make sure the bread and meat are warmed through – and keep warm in the oven until ready to serve.)

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Sunday Dinner at the Beach

After a failed, sand-swept attempt to visit Ocean Beach this afternoon, David and I found ourselves at Beach Chalet, just in time for “Crab Week.” We cracked our way through incredibly fresh crab (in season!), served handsomely in its shell for $25. Although we left with messy hands, you can’t beat a dish-free kitchen on Sunday!


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