Seafood: To Can or Not to Can

Since I always struggle with stocking meat and using it before the expiration date, I decided to experiment with canned seafood. The smell is pungent and not for the fish-averse. But adding shrimp or crab to a meal is incredibly easy when it’s stored in the pantry for dinner emergencies.

Breakfast can benefit too. I made baked eggs with almond milk, spinach, and canned crab meat. For the recipe, see New Year’s Resolution-Worthy Baked Eggs.


I also made a simple “fried rice” dish by sauteeing the canned shrimp in a pan and adding frozen peas towards the end, while cooking the rice separately. Mix it all together and serve. (Even better, try adding the shrimp to a Caesar salad.)


Karli’s Shrimp Marinade

My good friend Karli Freeman is a fellow foodie, Facebook enthusiast, and beef aficionado. Here’s a recipe she created for shrimp “and the kitchen sink…”

From Karli:

This all cooked up really quickly, using only ingredients I had in my house. I keep frozen shrimp in the freezer for quick pastas, etc. I also LOVE those tubes of lemongrass and red pepper paste because I can’t use up a whole bundle of fresh stuff, but these tubes store in the fridge for a while!

As a side note, I’m doing Weight Watchers and this meal totally fit on the plan. Shrimp is very healthy and by only adding a little olive oil, butter and skim milk, the overall meal was pretty healthy (and super filling!)

I don’t really do exact measurements (what fun is that??), so I’ll just guess below.

Thawed, raw shrimp (peeled, de-veined)


Lemongrass paste (I can find this in a tube near the fresh herbs), maybe 1 Tbsp

Red Chili Pepper paste (found in the same area) 1 Tbsp

Lemon Juice 2 Tbsp

Garlic Pepper—quite a bit—I like the look of the pepper flecks on the shrimp

Olive Oil, maybe 1 Tbsp

Coarse Salt, sparingly

Ground Ginger, maybe 1 tsp

Ground Cumin, maybe 2 tsp

Chalula Hot Sauce, a few dashes

The marinade shouldn’t be runny, more like a paste that coats each shrimp, adjust the liquid ingredients accordingly. I marinated them for about 20 minutes. I’m sure they would have been even better had I not been starving (thereby rushing them).

To cook the shrimp, I’m sure you could skewer them and grill them, but I just sautéed them in a med-hot pan.  The olive oil from the marinade made it so that I didn’t need to oil the pan first.

I also made some quick-cooking polenta and mixed in a little bit of butter, skim milk, cheese (Mexican blend) and chopped green chilies. I served the shrimp on top of the polenta and had a side of black beans with lime juice and jalapenos. It was a nice spicy dish, but it wasn’t overly hot. You could adjust the amount of red chili paste and chalula to tone it down a bit.

It went well with a light Rose I already had open.

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