Drugstore Dinner

I’ve officially joined the recession bandwagon. Tonight I made dinner from inexpensive drugstore ingredients. (Confession: There’s a Longs next to the dry cleaners right on our way home, so I happened to stop.) And it wasn’t bad. Come to think of it, there are quite a few recipes I could dream up from semi-perishable ingredients – you just have to watch the salt content!

Tonight’s menu: Tortillas + black beans + salsa + canned olives + sour cream + cheddar cheese


Other ideas…

  • Sundried tomatoes + cream cheese + toast = quick party app
  • Black beans + brown rice + sour cream = healthy dinner
  • White beans + roasted bell peppers + toast (or tortillas, toasted) = pretty app
  • Salsa + cream cheese + tortilla chips = best snack ever
  • Pasta + marinara sauce + Kraft parmesan cheese = you know you love it!

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