Healthy Soup FTW

My FoodSpotting adventures don’t reflect the healthiest meals, so I’ve been making up for lost time by preparing healthy, satiating foods during the week. Soup is my technique du jour, and I’ve followed the lead from a couple of Everyday Food recipes to get my creative juices flowing – appropriate pun, when dealing with broth ;).

And like my other winter staple – turkey meatloaf – soup is not the most gorgeous of photo subjects. So you’ll have to imagine the warm steam and aromas coming from the bowls below…

15-Minute White Bean Soup

I skipped the scallions and added spinach towards the end. This recipe could be one complete meal for one person – only 250 calories per serving and it serves two.


Light Italian Wedding Soup

I swapped the 2 heads of escarole for 1 head of kale – more nutrient bang for your buck!


Also recommended, but regrettably not recorded for posterity: bacon + kale + white bean.

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