Mama Maker: Kristen from Color Cloud Mill

American Made Baby Brands

Up the north coast of California in a breezy seaside village lives an unflappable mompreneur who’s just as sweet and authentic as the namesake of her American made organic cotton clothing line, Color Cloud Mill. Kristen makes thoughtful choices for her brand, whether it’s the name inspired by the nickname her son gives to sunrises and sunsets on the way to and from school, or her deliberate fabric choices.

Color Cloud Mill Organic Childrens Clothing Color Cloud Mill Organic Children’s Clothing The Color Cloud Mill shirt pictured below was my favorite for my son’s first year given how soft it was and how it simultaneously made him look like a teenager and a (tiny!) toddler at the same time.

Color Cloud Mill Organic Tshirt Our First Color Cloud Mill Tshirt I’ve since upgraded our collection to 2Ts (and will soon need 3Ts), although I still squeeze him into the original for bedtime when a bare midriff is no biggie.

Color Cloud Mill Organic Tshirt Color…

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