Gettin’ Crazy with Kohlrabi

Farm Fresh to You keeps me on my toes. I thought chard and kale were exotic, but this weekend I received a mysterious turnip-like, bright green, root vegetable. Name? Kohlrabi. Have you heard of it? It’s in the same family as cabbage, broccoli, turnips, and more. In other words, healthy, just a little intimidating.

On the FFTY website, I found a recipe for Meat-Stuffed Kohlrabi. I simplified things in a major way, by using leftover ground turkey from our burritos on Friday night. First, I cut off the stems/leaves, and carved out the middle of each bud. Then I filled each with turkey, and placed them in simmering combination of water, white wine, garlic and the remaining Kohlrabi flesh.

They simmered for at least 30-40 minutes, until they were tender in a similar fashion to the stem of a head of broccoli after you steam it. Decent enough, but it probably would have been more productive to make stuffed peppers.

Cucumber Summer Fling

The latest @farmfreshtoyou shipment delivered cucumbers, which wouldn’t normally inspire me in the kitchen. But I’m not gonna lie – I developed a small crush, and satisfied my craving for light weekend lunches:

  • Thinly sliced cucumbers worked well in place of lettuce for a taco-like salad with black beans, tomatoes, crumbled tortilla chips and Ranch dressing.
  • Diced cucumber, tomatoes and sour cream (seasoned with salt, pepper, basil and freshly shaved parmesan) made a tasty Greek-inspired filling inside a tortilla “wrap” warmed on the grill pan

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Starting Fresh

Fresh produce from @FarmFreshtoYou = healthy weekend kick-off. Tonight I went to work in the kitchen, chopping up all the seasonal veggies I could get my hands on for dinner. David and I both ate pretty decadently this week (hello, In-n-out) so we thought it was a good night to start fresh.

First, I shredded a head of cabbage, reserving two bowls’ worth for the base of a pseudo farmer’s market salad. Next, I chopped up tomatoes and walnuts, sliced two carrots, and diced an avocado. And a salad in the Jackson house isn’t complete without dried cranberries and Ranch. ūüėČ


Meanwhile, I steamed fresh corn on the cob and roasted a combo of fingerlings and sweet potatoes on a makeshift foil “tray” in the oven. I only had two sweet potatoes, so I mashed them up with ricotta and brown sugar. The fingerlings were delicious with a bit of olive oil and a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper.


No guilt this Friday night! And it probably cost less than $10 given it was half my delivery from Farm Fresh to You.

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Eggs in Heaven

Inspiration from @epicurious iPad app + @farmfreshtoyou vegetables = heavenly potato, egg, veggie casserole. For tonight’s dinner, I had 8 eggs to use up and figured some sort of potato casserole would be a good route to explore. I came across “Eggs in Purgatory with Artichoke Hearts, Potatoes and Capers” through an Epicurious recipe search, but the tomato-artichoke sauce sounded a little like heartburn hell (plus I didn’t have all the ingredients). So instead, I improvised with fresh zucchini and carrots from Farm Fresh to You, and whipping cream for what I like to call, “Eggs in Heaven.”

The result was a deliciously creamy potato, egg, and vegetable casserole. Divine!


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Playing with Chards

Red chard and spring onions from @FarmFreshtoYou + @Epicurious risotto recipe = easy, healthy Sunday dinner. Tonight I made a quick Red Chard Risotto recipe from Epicurious (originally submitted to @BonAppetitMag by Sandra Rudloff of neighboring Los Altos in 1996). I’m still not an overwhelming fan of Swiss chard, but the buttery flavor and texture of the risotto neutralized the somewhat bitter red chard leaves, and also resulted in a curious pink color. Combined with a spinach salad, we filled up on vitamin and mineral-packed veggies, after a gluttonous weekend of steakhouse dinners and poolside drinks. (More to come on that!)


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Oh, the Shame

Bless me, for I have sinned. It’s been nearly a month since I last posted. Confessions aside, two of the weeks when I¬†wasn’t blogging,¬†I was tasting my way through some of NYC’s most indulgent street food – well maybe not quite off the street – but casual fare that was born in the Big Apple (like Magnolia Bakery¬†and Dean & Deluca¬†– no I didn’t have a donut, but they were undeniably photogenic):

Yum, cupcakes! Donuts and Dean & Deluca

But when I returned from the big city lights to Dinner with David, out came the old standbys like boiled chicken and ground turkey burritos. Fortunately, our first order from Capay had¬†arrived, so I¬†had fresh¬†onions and the summer’s first heirloom tomatoes¬†to spice things up.¬†I highly recommend ordering their small box for two, which includes a manageable box of amazing, seasonal produce. (We used to get deliveries in West Sacramento, but they deliver throughout the Bay Area too.)

On Sunday night I was feeling somewhat domesticated, so I made pork chops (broiled with honey, salt and pepper) and mashed potatoes. Monday night we only had a limited amount of leftover pork, so I added in sauteed mushrooms.


I will slowly work my way back into my recipe file and bring honor to the blog once again – especially since it’s been getting a little more attention lately, despite the lack of content!

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