Thyme-Saving Turkey Meatballs

With a limited window of time to make dinner and workout, I whipped together this super quick meal: oven-roasted squash and zucchini paired with homemade turkey meatballs.


Preheat oven to about 400 degrees and then prep the veggies:

Toss two sliced summer squash and two zucchini with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme in an oven-safe casserole dish.

Next, prep the meatballs:

Mix 1 lb ground turkey with a generous scoop of almond meal, a scoop of unsweetened and shredded coconut, 1 egg, salt, pepper, olive oil and thyme. Scoop 1/4-cup or smaller spoonfuls into a buttered casserole dish.

Bake both dishes for about 30 minutes, or until veggies are tender and meatballs are cooked through.

More thyme for you!

Veggies & Pasta

Night 1: boiled spaghetti in low sodium chicken broth; added spinach towards the end. Meanwhile, sautéed sliced zucchini in olive oil. Served zucchini over pasta with Parmesan.

Night 2: sautéed broccolini and bok Choy (cut into 1-2 inch slices) in olive oil; covered and steamed until slightly tender. Added soy sauce and leftover noodles from night 1 and cooked until warmed through. Voila!

Pad Thai at Home

Pork tenderloin + pad thai = @everydayfood recipe fusion. Why cook one recipe when you can merge two? Tonight I combined the roasting technique from “Roast Pork with Squash and Onions” with “Vegetable Pad Thai,” give or take a few ingredients. The result was a delicious pork pad thai that put the leftover citrus in my kitchen to good use.


Notes from the trenches: I prepared the pork as instructed and substituted zucchini for butternut squash. I also made a few modifications to the pad thai. I didn’t have lime so I used lemon juice instead (and added orange juice later after mixing in the zucchini with the noodles). Also, I didn’t have scallions, which would have made a nice addition, or cilantro and peanuts. The original recipe isn’t available online, so leave a comment if you’d like me to share it.

PS – I just discovered a blog that loves Everyday Food as much as I do (if not more): The Bitten Word. Gorgeous photos too! Check them out on Twitter @bittenword.

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Eggs in Heaven

Inspiration from @epicurious iPad app + @farmfreshtoyou vegetables = heavenly potato, egg, veggie casserole. For tonight’s dinner, I had 8 eggs to use up and figured some sort of potato casserole would be a good route to explore. I came across “Eggs in Purgatory with Artichoke Hearts, Potatoes and Capers” through an Epicurious recipe search, but the tomato-artichoke sauce sounded a little like heartburn hell (plus I didn’t have all the ingredients). So instead, I improvised with fresh zucchini and carrots from Farm Fresh to You, and whipping cream for what I like to call, “Eggs in Heaven.”

The result was a deliciously creamy potato, egg, and vegetable casserole. Divine!


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Lighten Up

Fresh zucchini and asparagus from @farmfreshtoyou + @everydayfood recipe for Linguini with Spring Vegetables = tonight’s healthy dinner.

Spring is in full bloom and today’s warm & sunny temps called for something light. Click on the link above for the recipe. (I used two small zucchini in place of snap peas, and topped the finished pasta with fresh parmesan since I didn’t have fresh tarragon – basil would be good too!


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Simplified Stir Fry

On the way home tonight, I had a sudden craving for Panda Express’ chicken and mushrooms, which I used to order when I graced the food court. With rice in the cupboard, I dreamt up my own vegetarian version using zucchini and mushrooms from the corner market. I picked up some Hoisin sauce, which seemed like the right fit without being certain.

It worked! But chicken was definitely missed this time around. Just dice the mushrooms into quarters, slice the zucchini, and stir fry with 2 tablespoons Hoisin sauce until the veggies are tender (10-12 minutes). Serve over rice – which I make in the rice cooker simultaneously.

The best part of the meal was the price – it cost less to purchase the veggies and sauce than my average lunch purchase!

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